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ZIPPER - Lunes Por La Mañana (Limited Orange 7" Vinyl EP/MP3s)


1. Lunes Por La Mañana
2. Siempre Es Lo Mismo
3. Hoy Estoy Muy Pop
4. Hoja De Reclamaciones


We haven’t been so excited since we listened to JUNIPER MOON. The urgency, the melodies, the choruses, that honesty when it comes to making music… But these four songs on this limited edition single that Mar, David and Oscar are giving us clearly shows us what they understand a song to be: having a good time.

Songs like “Lunes por la mañana” and “Hoy estoy muy pop” reveal a band overflowing with energy, vital and luminous, all of which are virtues that national labels like Liliput, North American labels like Wee Pop and Cloudberry, as well as the British label (based in Glasgow) Bubblegum Records, have already enjoyed.

After their performance in the last edition of the Indietracks Festival, the moment has finally arrived for us to enjoy this urgent single that you won’t be able to stop playing, that gathers the best essence of those disappeared bands that we loved so much like TALULAH GOSH, THE FAT TULIPS, TCR, STRAWBERRY STORY and the already mentioned JUNIPER MOON. The best punk-pop you can hear today.

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