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YOUDOMETOO - Heart Skips A Beat (Limited edition transparent 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Heart Skips A Beat
02. Love Holds My Hands
03. Rainbow’s End
04. Leaving You

Nat and Luna met online in 2011 and decided that a country as big as Brazil shouldn’t be an obstacle for them to meet and begin making music. In that first meeting, they made 'Heart Skips a Beat' - the song that opens their Elefant Records debut!

'Love Holds My Hands' is like PASCAL COMELADE was pushed back to childhood by REGINA SPEKTOR or KIMYA DAWSON, as if COCO ROSIE finally discovered that toys are for playing with and not experimenting.

They are without doubt a band to watch, from a country that promises big news soon, thanks to new recording technologies.

LISTEN, watch videos, download or get the lyrics:

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