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WILD BALBINA - Eat Tacos (Limited edition blue 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Eat Tacos
02. So Kind
03. Spit Your Love
04. Surfin’

WILD BALBINA begin to take shape in Vigo - their songs have the urgent pop-punk of THE SHOP ASSISTANTS and HELEN LOVE, and 'Eat Tacos' is good proof of the Galician trio’s sound.

Irreverent lyrics and speedy guitars move between the force of TIGER TRAP, BLACK TAMBOURINE and TALULAH GOSH, and the Riot Grrrl spirit of BIKINI KILL and BRATMOBILE.

'So Kind' adds a spaghetti Western touch to those reverberating choruses that fit WILD BALBINA’s unbridled songs fantastically.

'Spit Your Love' has a beyond-perfect chorus, crunchy but ascending from pop, as if THE BEATLES had decided not to leave their garage and put Yoko Ono as the front woman. But to close, 'Surfin’' stands out by accentuating the 60's spirit, like THE SCHOOL reviewed by David Lynch and his disturbing dreaminess.

In addition to this, WILD BABINA also have a feminist and cultural fanzine that Marta and Antía put out: 'Typical Girls'.

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