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TREMBLING BLUE STARS - The Seven Autumn Flowers (CD)


01. Helen Reddy
02. Sorrow Has A Way
03. The Rhythm Of Your Breathing
04. Moonlight On Snow
05. If I Handle You With Care
06. All Eternal Things
07. The Sea Is So Quiet
08. All I'm Doing Is Losing
09. One Prayer Answered
10. Further To Fall
11. Last Port Of Call
12. Kensington Gardens

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TREMBLING BLUE STARS is Bobby Wratten’s personal project, one of the most sensitive, moving and staggeringly sincere songwriters of all British pop. A genuine and respected figure, admired all over the World, whose beginnings date back to the golden age of indiepop when SARAH RECORDS was the English pop fans’ cult label and Bobby led THE FIELD MICE.

Elefant Records are not only proud to release TREMBLING BLUE STARS’ 5th album exclusively all over the world, but also because of the band’s obvious genius and the international acknowledgement to the label’s work and trajectory.

'The Seven Autumn Flowers' opens with Beth Arzy’s gorgeous voice (from ABERDEEN), taking charge of the song 'Helen Reddy' - sweet brilliant and almost dancey candy-pop, with references to ROCKETSHIP or even YO LA TENGO.

The lovely and delicate 'One prayer answered' sees the narrator pray for nothing serious to happen to his love, while We listen to Beth again on 'Further to fall' (with moments so absolutely BEATLES), and decorating with her voice in the distance of 'Kensington Gardens' sweeping circular tune.

New territories such as the dub inflections in 'The rhythm of your breathing' with a broken rhythm and Jamaican basslines, or in the open recognition of their post-punk roots, paying homage to THE CURE and 80’s music with 'All eternal things'.

On the production desk they are again assisted by Ian Catt (SAINT ETIENNE) - this, in songs as 'Last port of call' or 'Sorrow has a way', sublimates rainy indiepop’s essence and the SARAH RECORDS legacy they helped to create.

'The seven autumn flowers' is the reflection of the most hopeful TREMBLING BLUE STARS - these seven autumn flowers bloom with the first sun-rays that the clouds let through after the storm.

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