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TREMBLING BLUE STARS - Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires (2 CDs)


CD1 - Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires
01. My Face For The World To See
02. All Our Tomorrows
03. In Arrivals
04. Frosting
05. The Imperfection Of Memory (vocals by Cath Carroll)
06. The Dark World Of The Broken
07. Cold Colours (backing vocals by Anne Mari)
08. Half-Light
09. Tropic Of Capricorn
10. The Last Four Winters Of The War/Grey Silk Storm
11. The Hidden Quarter

CD2 - Cicely Tonight Volume One
01. The Floating World
02. The Lowest Arc (vocals by Anne Mari)
03. Radioactive Decay
04.Not For Second Prize (Dream Academy cover)
05. Outside
06. The Floating World (reprise)
07. No More Sad Songs (Hidden track)

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It's a bit curious, poetic and marvellous that the hidden track on 'Cicely Tonight Volume One' - the EP that comes with TREMBLING BLUE STARS seventh disc - is that final declaration called 'No More Sad Songs' - a great truth is hidden behind it, painful and chilling.

After leaving the scene in 2005, Bobby Wratten's band definitively stopped their activity with an album that seems more like a miracle than a farewell. And that is because the songs on it melt between the fragile beauty and that magical melodic capacity belonging to the leader of unforgettable bands like THE FIELD MICE and NORTHERN PICTURE LIBRARY, rebelling against the evanescence of the flame while throwing its life force into the need to see the light.

The 11 songs that make up 'Fast Trains And Telegraph Wires' and the 7 included on EP 'Cicely Tonight Volume One' are really one of the most incredible pieces of work published so far by Wratten and company. Marvels like 'Cold Colours' and 'All Our Tomorrows' find TREMBLING BLUE STARS more intense, organic and spirited than we've heard them up to now, while songs like 'Frosting', 'Half-Light' and 'The Dark World of The Broken' give us the more detailed, subtle, melancholy side of the band, one of their trademarks.

On the other hand, 'Cicely Tonight Volume One' offers the more experimental side that gets closer by the second to big names like BRIAN ENO. Two complementary parts that give a panoramic view of the incomparable and unique figure that is Robert Wratten. The music is forged somewhere between love and melancholy, the notes reflect the sincerest emotions, and it has a sensitivity and honesty that will be difficult to hear or see again. The discography ends with a masterpiece, but we hope, that it doesn't mean the end of an artistic career for this inimitable songwriter.

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