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TREMBLING BLUE STARS - Beautiful Blank (Limited edition white 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Beautiful blank [Radio Edit]
02. Say Goodbye To The Sea II

"The last holy writer" - the 6th album by TREMBLING BLUE STARS and 2nd to be released on Elefant - is proof that one of the most influential bands in indiepop is at its most creative, daring and inspired.

Bobby Wratten's writing climbs to its highest peaks, free of any stylistic ties and ready to explore new territories, without leaving aside his sensitive ambient-pop, evocative melodies and the eternal reference to the sound of the early 80s/post-punk. The album has received excellent reviews worldwide, and it is doing very well everywhere, especially in France, USA, Great Britain and Germany.

Lead song, the sunny and melodic 'Beautiful Blank' is sung by Beth Arzy, in the form of infectious radio-friendly guitar pop.
Previously unreleased B-side 'Say Goodbye To The Sea II' is a new acoustic version of the song from their last album.

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