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TREMBLING BLUE STARS - A Certain Evening Light (CD)

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01. The rainbow
02. Abba on the jukebox
03. Slow soft sighs
04. While your heart is still beating
05. Doo-wop music
06. Before we know it
07. Though I still want to fall into your arms
08. As long as she’s needed
09. She’s always there
10. A slender wrist
11. Home and dry
12. Find her gone
13. Her world beneath the waves
14. It’s easier to smile
15. Now that there’s nothing in the way
16. Smoke and steam
17. Half in love with leaving
18. Christmas & Train-Trips & Things

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'A Certain Evening Light' collects all the songs which TREMBLING BLUE STARS have recorded since their inception in 1996 but which have never appeared on any of the band’s albums. Mostly these are B-sides and EP tracks - Trembling Blue Stars have always insisted that all the songs on a single, even 'B-sides', should be as good as the lead track. It also includes single mixes of The Rainbow' and 'Abba On The Jukebox'.

Finally as a 'secret' 18th track, the album includes Christmas & Train-Trips & Things, a song which originally appeared on a 3"CD given away at a Shinkansen Christmas Party.

Songs from the singles:
ABBA ON THE JUKEBOX 7" (1996) - Abba On The Jukebox / She's Always There
THE RAINBOW 7"/CD-single (1997) The Rainbow / Though I Still Want To Fall Into Your Arms
DOO-WOP MUSIC 7" (1998) - Doo-Wop Music / Now That There's Nothing In The Way
DARK EYES CD EP (1999) - A Slender Wrist / Her World Beneath The Waves / Half In Love With Leaving
SHE JUST COULDN'T STAY CD single 2000 - Find Her Gone / Smoke and Steam
THE GHOST OF AN UNKISSED KISS CD single (2001) - As Long As She's Needed / Before We Know It / While Your Heart Is Still Beating
SLOW SOFT SIGHS CD-Single (2002) - Slow Soft Sighs / Home and Dry / It's Easier to Smile

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