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THE YEARNING - Evening Souvenirs (CD)


01. Evening Souvenirs
02. When I Lost You
03. Don’t Know What I’m Doing
04. Fall In Love With Me
05. When You Look At Her
06. Nightingale
07. Ava
08. The Moment Your Heart Would Say Goodbye
09. You Stopped The World
10. Not That Type Of Girl
11. Fools Fall In Love
12. Sometimes

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While their debut album 'Dreamboats & Lemonade' looked to cheerful 60s girl-group pop, Joe Moore's group THE YEARNING's second album 'Evening Souvenirs' is a slow, deliberate, nocturnal album.

The delicious arrangements, that romantic halo, and we still have Maddie Dobie's fascinating voice on almost the entire album. It's full with echoes of lounge music and chanson, bossa and chamber pop, touches of Sarah & El Records' melancholy and Burt Bacharach soundtracks.

Playing with a large number of instruments and joined by THE COTSWOLD VOICES, this is an album that should be listened to in semi-darkness. From the solemn piano on 'Evening Souvenirs' to lead single 'When I Lost You'. Our hearts break with the pure sadness of 'When You Look At Her' and the dark soul of 'Nightingale', this time with Joe joining Maddie, reminding us of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood.

'Ava' opens the b-side with a strong dose of melancholy, “The Moment Your Heart Would Say Goodbye' is Dusty Springfield crying like she has never done before. “Not That Type Of Girl” brings Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin together, with Burt Bacharach orchestrating the arrangements. The epic “Fools Fall In Love” and the emotive piano of “Sometimes” sound like unforgettable classics to close the album.

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