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THE SILVER FACTORY - If Words Could Kill (Limited 10" vinyl/MP3s)


01. If Words Could Kill
02. I Am The Sign
03. Comedown Cherry
04. The World May Bring Us Down
05. I'm Alright
06. Flowers On The Scene
07. The Sun Shines Over You (Sitar Mix)

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To continue with our support of the 10" format, we at Elefant Records have released a mini-LP from British group THE SILVER FACTORY, closely following their debut single for our 'New Adventures in Pop' collection. Fran Feely formed the band in 2008 with the intention of showing off their shared love of music from the 60s to indiepop.

'If Words Could Kill' is the Leicester band’s grand entrance with 7 songs that start with the inevitable indiepop hit title track, full of precious arpeggios and guitar arrangements, via the instrumental revisiting of their 'The Sun Shines Over You' that stars a sitar (and there we have THE BEATLES connection).

A mini-LP full of sunny melodies that prove them to be adoring fans of bands like CLOSE LOBSTERS, THE CHESTERFIELDS, THE TRASH CAN SINATRAS and CHOO CHOO TRAIN. 'Comedown Cherry' oozes vitality amidst the thrashings of puppy love, and 'The World May Brings Us Down' is so addictive and marvellously dynamic, like early THE STONE ROSES.

'I’m Alright' has clear tendencies towards THE HOLLIES and THE KINKS, while we get back to the elegance, class and romanticism with 'Flowers on the Scene' - a cross between THE SMITHS and THE SEA URCHINS.

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