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THE MAGIC THEATRE - The Long Way Home (Limited 12" vinyl with MP3s / CD)


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01. The Sampler
02. It Was Glorious
03. Festival Of Fire
04. I Got The Answer
05. Your Hateful Armchair
06. Cathedrals Of The Mind
07. Love Is Blue
08. I Want To Die By Your Side
09. Heart Strings
10. The Long Way Home

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There are few times that a group’s name explains so much about their musical aspirations - THE MAGIC THEATRE’s music is a dramatic evocation with no limits - 1000's of stories flow within their melodies through the richly timbred, vast instrumentation, in the impossible arrangements, and in the thousands of influences from all over the world that fill their songs. It is fantasy and imagination made into music, something that Dan Popplewell and Sophia Churney exalt on their second album, “The Long Way Home” – their first for Elefant Records.

Ever since Popplewell and Churney met as part of OOBERMAN – the two felt compelled to work together. After a delicious 1st album, they signed with Elefant Records, and after the marvellous single 'I Got The Answer', we finally have 'The Long Way Home'.

'The Sampler' is a story of a sick Victorian girl trying to finish her embroidery project in time for her birthday, like a fairy tale invented by Tim Burton and composed by Danny Elfman. 'It Was Glorious' shows all the complexity of their compositions, structures, and constantly changing rhythms.

'Festival Of Fire' is an exotic song flooded with Indian and Arabian effervescences, and 'I Got The Answer' has surprising Brazilian percussion - we realise that anything could happen in any of the songs on 'The Long Way Home'.

'Your Hateful Armchair' tells another Victorian tale of a woman who escapes her evil husband by drugging him then rowing away in the moonlight. 'Cathedrals Of The Mind' is a song about the grandeur and folly of all human achievements, playing with the elegance of CAMERA OBSCURA, the emotions of THE WALKER BROTHERS and biting energy of THE CLASH.

'Love Is Blue' is a cover of an André Popp song, 'I Want To Die By Your Side' is an exquisite demonstration of chamber pop, a declaration of universal love stuffed full of bucolic beauty - it’s one of the most heart-breakingly beautiful moments of the album. 'Heart Strings' brings back the mystery - a haunting and beautiful song about the death of someone very close.

The last song on the album is also the title track and brings things to a close with marvellous lyricism that makes us think of THE GENTLE WAVES.

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