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THE GENTLE PEOPLE - Plastic City (Limited 7" Vinyl with MP3s)


1. Plastic City
2. Naughty Nauga

With their 1994 release of their first single, “Journey”, THE GENTLE PEOPLE have automatically turned into one of Elefant’s favourites with their delicious mix of unique and exotic pop sweetening their songs with admirable elements for Elefant: soundtracks from the 60’s and 70’s, easy-listening, French pop from the sixties, Moog and analogical keyboards, Japanese pop, science fiction films, Hugo Montenegro and cosmic music...The fruit of this admiration is this single we are presenting now, a special limited edition bound for the most sophisticated and hedonistic dance floors..

GENTLE PEOPLE vocalist Dougee Dimensional classifies “Plastic city” as a “hard-hitting post- millennial groove espousing the beauty of plastic surgery, collagen, and a little tuck behind the ear. 'You love the knife, it made your life, OH YEAH!', while "Naughty nauga" extols the virtues of a mischievous unidentified space creature...”

International court Euro-disco, a musical cocktail mixing equal parts of ST ETIENNE, DENIM, JACNO, BAXENDALE, SCISSOR SISTERS, Piero Umiliani, SHAMPOO, ANDREAS DORAU, LIO, DUBSTAR and LIME with the last generation of Japanese pop: HAZEL NUTS CHOCOLAT, CAPSULE and FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE.

Formed as a result of an artistic collective of musicians, graphic designers and characters from other walks of life hitting the London music scene in 1993. Their sound had an immediate impact with Richard D. James (APHEX TWIN) who proposed to release one of their songs on his label, Rephlex Records, according to NME. "The coolest record label in the world", “Journey” received acclaimed reviews and their success helped to create a new style of lounge music called coined “Chill-out”.

Two albums, various singles, numerous songs scattered about on many compilations (“Café del Mar”, “Big Chill”, “Radio Nova”...), TV shows, advertisements, mixes and collaborations with artists such as APHEX TWIN, URSULA 1000, PIZZICATO 5, Towa Tei (DEEE-LITE), FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE and MANSFIELD, along with the recent release in digital format on iTunes on various compilations and exclusive singles is just another one of the amazing feats of THE GENTLE PEOPLE.