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THE CARROTS - New Romance (Limited 12" vinyl with MP3s / CD)


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01. Baby, You Don't Know
02. Say It Ain't So
03. You Can't Promise (Boys)
04. Crystal Lake
05. Roping Me In
06. New Romance
07. Doing Our Part
08. Over
09. Moment In Time
10. Sault Ste. Marie
11. Beverly
12. Baby's Unborn

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Five years ago they left us longing for more songs with those incredible singles 'Doing Our Part' and 'Beverly' - since then we haven’t heard a lot about THE CARROTS, who have been busy with the countless other projects they’ve put together.

But suddenly they’ve finished their first full length 'New Romance', and with it the Austin sextet is back to show us their special way of understanding 'girl groups' through great songs and marvellous arrangements.

This album is fresh, with Veronica's voice capable of carrying songs from the sweetness of DIANA ROSS to the strength of DIONNE WARWICK.

They’ve played in SXSW, opened for Calvin Johnson and prepared a perfect collection of songs that remind us how much we like THE RONNETTES, THE VELVETTES, SHANGRI-LA's, THE MARVELETTES, and THE CRYSTALS, and they link them with contemporary artists like THE SCHOOL, GIGI, THE BANDANA SPLITS and THE YEARNING. It was definitely, definitely, worth the wait.

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