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THE CARROTS - Beverly (Limited edition 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Beverly
02. Kissing and telling
03. I tried to call you
04. Gloria

After their marvellous debut single 'Doing our part', this 6-piece from Austin are back with another wonderful release: "Beverly." These new tracks are in the typical 50's/60's format of vinyl, none of which exceed 3 minutes, a format that Elefant has always adored and vindicated.

"Beverly" is the perfect teenage hymn, with the 'pa-ra-pa-pa-pas' being one of the most addictive lines in ages and it also could be the perfect song to dance to on prom night. With some parts sounding like THE SUPREMES and LUCKY SOUL, "Kissing and Telling" starts out sounding like THE EARLY BROTHERS coming back to give us the gift of their best song ever, but all of a sudden, GIRLFRENDO rings out in the horizon, with their energetic, young and vibrant outbursts.

"I Tried to Call You" (a cover of their friend’s band from Austin, BASIC LO-FI) sounds like THE WOULD-BE-GOODS acting out a detective story directed by Al Pacino, while "Gloria" goes hand in hand with BELLE & SEBASTIAN and THE ESSEX GREEN.

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