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SPEEDMARKET AVENUE - Way Better Now album (12" Vinyl with MP3s / CD)


**POSTAGE for this item is set to LP costs, but if you order the CD we'll refund the difference in postage**

01. Sirens
02. Accident
03. Way better now
04. Don't fall in love
05. Tell me no
06. The state of harmony
07. Enlightened and left-wing indeed
08. Less than ok
09. No drama
10. Final wall


Their fantastic first album 'I’m going to let my new swiss army knife answer to that' demonstrates they're a band with a perfect concept of melodies which sound a bit like THE AISLERS SET or THE FAIRWAYS - jangle-pop with precious wind arrangements, played with freshness and emotion, and which allowed gem seekers to discover them.

The band played various European festivals - Emmaboda with COMET GAIN, SLEATER-KINNEY and YEAH YEAH YEAHS, and Pow to the People with CAMERA OBSCURA and ST. THOMAS. They toured Europe with SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME, with whom they publish a shared vinyl single together, and collaborated with CAMERA OBSCURA on “Let’s get out of this country”, thanks to the connection of producer Jari Haapalainen (ED HARCOURT, THE CONCRETES).

Under his direction, they recorded their 2nd album, “Way better now,” with a more mature sound, yet still fresh and exciting.