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SINGLE - Rea (Digipak CD / 12" Vinyl + free MP3 download)


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1. Moda B
2. Nota Mental
3. Globo De Helio
4. Me Enamoré
5. Siete
6. Rea
7. La Moto
8. Virgen Del Cisne
9. Palmeras

Any record label appearance with Teresa Iturrioz and Ibon Errazkin as protagonists is always a huge question mark; it is absolutely impossible to predict what path they will take with each new installment, and it is precisely this uncertainty that is, for many of the duo’s fans, their greatest charm.

“Rea” is SINGLE’s best album. Submerging yourself in the album’s songs and discovering all the surprises hidden throughout it is magical. The dub and reggae sounds that Ibon and Teresa are so passionate about abound, and it’s main point of reference is Lovers Rock, a movement which started in the very early days of reggae, when important Jamaican and U.S. singers like Ken Boothe, Johnny Nash and John Holt all achieved international success with reggae versions of popular love songs.

That has made the songs go deeper into the pop spirit, while maintaining a certain hypnotic quality. At the same time this is contrasted by the more complex instrumental development on songs like “Siete” and “Palmeras”, along the lines of the extended mixes that characterized disco music from its beginnings. Or that vaudeville-esque “Me Enamoré”, with Garbanzo rapping, that creates a grotesque and harsh fantasy world that Danny Elfman and Quevedo would love, and that freely borders reggeaton at times. “Globo De Helio” is a kind of abstract and evanescent techno-pop that has the delicacy and the sweetness of LE MANS hidden in between its slippery lines; the already mentioned “Siete” is drenched in tropicalism; and “Rea”, the album’s title track, is an undeniable victory.

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