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ROSE ELINOR DOUGALL - Start/Stop/Synchro (Limited White 7" Vinyl/MP3s)


1. Start/Stop/Synchro
2. Static Saturday

Who hasn’t jumped around like a lunatic, in their room or on the dance floor, with songs as incredibly addictive and fun as “Judy”, “I Like A Boy in Uniform”, “Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me”, “Pull Shapes” or “Tell Me What You Want”? Yes, THE PIPETTES are doubtlessly some of the biggest news of the last decade, for those of us who are fans of the girl-groups, and they’re one of the bands responsible for recovering that sound for millions of people who didn’t know how fresh, how nervy and self-confident, and how exciting the sound could be.

Rose Elinor Dougall was one of the three voices that gave us all that energy and vitality. And we say “was” because last year she decided to dedicate herself to a solo career that, in the few months that she’s had it up and running, has only put out hits and brought fame for her surprising personality and her delicate and elegant pop.

After her first single, “Another Version of Pop Song”, which was released last December, completely sold out, and after recording a session for Huw Stephens’ program on the BBC (Radio 1), it is a pleasure to announce that Elefant Records is going to release, on white vinyl, her second single, “Start/Stop/Synchro”, just a few months before the release of her debut album, “Without Why”, which is still in post-production.

The single shows a cautious jump from the British toward an exercise in style, full of elegance and excitement, solid, but delicate at the same time, surprising and tremendously catchy. The A-side, with the title track, is an incredible, on the mark pop song that moves between the elegance and solidness of Jarvis Cocker and the evanescence and excitement of bands like BROADCAST or COCTEAU TWINS; it is a song like we haven’t heard in years.

On the other side, “Static Saturday” is full of sweet naivety, evocative in its recreated ambiance of casiotone and whispered lyrics, between bossa and pop, made to narrate hours spent locked inside your bedroom.

Produced by Lee “Muddy” Baker (remember “Bone” that he wrote with Tim Booth from JAMES), there is no doubt that “Start/Stop/Synchro” will, at the very least, be as successful as her first single (single of the week in The Guardian, Metro and the U.S. magazine Wears the Trousers, as well as one of the fixations of Under the Radar), and will be an advance of what is, without a doubt, going to be on of the biggest items in music news this season: the discovery of the beauty of Rose Elinor Dougall’s compositions and voice.