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DIE KATAPULT - Kristall Reinheit (Limited edition white 10" vinyl + free MP3s)


1. Braun
2. Schweinsteiger
3. Kristall Reinheit
4. Hallo Punkten
5. Frieden
6. Deutsche TV
7. Euromillionen
8. Die Katapult

Part of the New Adventures In Pop collection - DIE KATAPULT is a Spanish-Swedish duo based in Barcelona, formed by Anna Fredriksson of LOS GANGLIOS and Elena Comas of NELEONARD. And we’ve had to coin a new term to define their music: 'Mediterranean kraut-pop'.

'Braun' is a humble opening like KRAFTWERK and OVIFORMIA SCI. 'Schweinsteiger' could jump right onto a STEREO TOTAL album, with lyrics about Bayern Münich’s midfielder, an impressive kraut force somewhere between bizarre and solemn.

'Kristall Reinheit' bathes in dub rhythms and clears the dust off an ode to a cleaning product (Kristall Zambo Rein) that has something that is also present on almost all DIE KATAPULT’s songs - contamination and turbulence. 'Hallo Punkten' is pure STEREOLAB with synthesized filters.

The B-side opens with more electro-pop rhythms in 'Frieden', a song based on a scientific book about musical waves. It is expressionism with a prodigious chorus - indescribable, undefinable - somewhere between CHICKS ON SPEED and Andreas Dorau. 'Deutsche TV' takes it down a notch to create an interstellar ode to Major McLane, the star of the 60s German TV show 'Space Patrol Orion', that had a fantastic soundtrack by Peter Thomas.

'Euromillionen' is a dream about winning the lottery, and the realisation that it is almost impossible. 'Die Katapult' breaks down barriers, leaving room for fresh air and catapulting towards space.