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NICK GARRIE - Twilight (Limited edition 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Twilight
02. In every nook and cranny

It's big news for Elefant to have the privilege to discover an underground composer and participate in his musical rebirth.

NICK GARRIE debuted with 'The Nightmare of JB Stanislas', a psychedelic folk album published in 1969 and produced by EDDIE VARTAN, but remained in the DiscAZ warehouse after the owner committed suicide. Despite copies being scarce and the high price for collectors (more than 1,200 euros), it was admired over various decades.

LEONARD COHEN himself praised Nick on their joint tour announcing that he would have loved to have composed some of the songs. Nick took part in luxurious collaborations, such as those in infamous soundtracks, along with Francis Lai (Oscar winner for 'Love Story' and in charge of 'Un Homme et a Femme').

The scarce musical activity of this British composer is seen today thanks to the participation of the well known Scottish pop scene: Duglas T. Stewart (BMX BANDITS), Norman Blake (TEENAGE FANCLUB), Ally Kerr (his true guardian angel) and the entourage of musicians who have rendered their services to record the next album, '49 Arlington Gardens', including Francis Lai, who authors, along with Nick, one of the most romantic moments of the album.

'Twilight' is a magnificent appetizer clearly demonstrating the preciousness which reigns in the melodies of this composer. Today he is recognized more than ever, along with the names of DONOVAN and NICK DRAKE.

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