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NICK GARRIE - 49 Arlington Gardens (12" vinyl with MP3s / CD)


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01. She hides behind the sun
02. When the child in you
03. Le pont mirabeau
04. Lovers
05. When evening comes
06. In every nook and cranny
07. Stay till the morning comes
08. Twilight
09. On a wing and a prayer
10. The clockmaker


Our story begins in 1969 when an English university student picked up his guitar spurred on by passion for BOB DYLAN and surrealism - the story ends with NICK GARRIE recording an album for French label DiscAZ (Brigitte Bardot, Michel Polnareff) - the result was recorded with a 56-musician orchestra, 'The Nightmare of J.B. Stasnislas', a marvellous collection of perfect melodies wrapped in a psychedelic pop with majestic results. However, in one of those strange twists that fate so often gives us, the head of the label commits suicide just a few days after the album’s release, leaving the project orphaned and with no promotional plan.

'The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas' was cursed, but grew into a cult item with people paying more than 1,200 euros for each of the limited copies, which Elefant re-released in 2009 as a commemoration of the 40th anniversary.

Our musician distances himself from the industry, then in 1976 he meets the composer Francis Lai ('Love Story', 'A Man and A Woman'), with whom he will work on diverse projects over the course of the years. He goes back to the studio with part of CAT STEVENS' band to record 'Suitcase Man' which reached no.1 on Spanish lists and allowed him to tour the country with LEONARD COHEN, who declared he wished he had written some of Garrie’s songs.

Joe Foster, head of Rev-ola and previously of Creation Records, re-released the mythic in 2005 and introduced him to Scottish singer ALLY KERR who invited him to play in Scotland, leading to recording NORMAN BLAKE (TEENAGE FANCLUB), FRANCIS MCDONALD (TEENAGE FANCLUB/BMX BANDITS), DUGLAS T. STEWART and with Duncan Cameron (DELGADOS, TRAVIS, TRASHCAN SINATRAS) as the sound engineer.

This will be the album that musical history uses to pay its dues to Nick Garrie.

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