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MY LITTLE AIRPORT - Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel (CD)

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01. Edward, had you ever thought that the end of the world would come on 20.9.01?
02. The ok thing to do on sunday afternoon is to toddle in the zoo
03. Gigi leung is dead
04. Victor, fly me to stafford
05. Leo, are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?
06. I don’t know how to download good av like iris does
07. You smile like a blossom
08. Josephine's shop
09. When i listen to the field mice
10. Mountaintop, doll, lollypop
11. My little banana
12. Because i was too nervous at that time
13. You don't wanna be my girlfriend, phoebe
14. Dee, it may all end tomorrow

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MY LITTLE AIRPORT is an indie-pop/electro-noise-pop band from Hong Kong formed by P and Nicole. "Zoo is sad, people are cruel", is a 14-song album compiling the best moments from their 2 albums - a sweetest selection that will make you laugh and sigh, and fill you with joy.

The album opens with the electro-pop breeze of 'Edward..' - a nutty melody that goes through the slow farewell of a pen-friend relationship.

With songs like 'Victor, fly me to Stafford' (a friend they might not see again), 'You don't wanna be my girlfriend, Phoebe' or 'Leo, are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?'- their sound shares the naïveté of SARAH RECORDS bands, the simple charms of CONFETTI and THE SOFTIES, and the unaffected intonations of HEAVENLY's AMELIA FLETCHER. .

Sometimes their sound more towards punk-pop à la HELEN LOVE and they also openly acknowledge their fondness for SLOWDIVE and MOJAVE 3. But, with a song titled 'When I listen to The Field Mice', what else could they be but an indie band?!

'I don't know how to download good AV like Iris does' is a childish, light-weight melody about someone who asks a friend help to download porn. 'Josephine's shop' tries to convince their friend to close a shop because she's not good for business, and 'Because I was too nervous at that time' they mingle the sweet, fragile melody with a noisy, chaotic background, borrowed from THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN.

The best of both albums is condensed in "Zoo is sad, people is cruel" - a record you can fall in love to by just looking at the cover.