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MODULAR - Sinfonías Para Terrícolas (12" vinyl with MP3s / CD)


**POSTAGE for this item is set to LP costs, but if you order the CD we'll refund the difference in postage**

01. La Rebelión De Los Robots
02. El Clon De Paul McCartney
03. Laboratorio Submarino
04. Zapatófono
05. Los Mentalistas
06. Panamá Motel
07. Moog Safari
08. Base Lunar Alfa
09. Beat Del Cinéfilo
10. Mensaje Telepático Marciano
11. Samba Espacial


After the necessary recuperation of their first songs in 'Fantasías De Un Robot Psicodélico', the latest halo of admiration of this (former) Argentinean duet MODULAR increases and converts them in the highbrow group that they already were for many for several years. 'Sinfonía Para Terrícolas' is their first album for Elefant Records and is the recognition which will put them on a pedestal, that, without a doubt, they truly deserve.

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