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MODULAR - Fantasías De Un Robot Psicodélico (CD)


01. Revolución de vegetales
02. Perdidos en el espacio
03. La poción del Dr. Hofmann
04. Picnic en el arco iris
05. Playa Biquini
06. Los mutantes
07. Ovni
08. Festín surreal
09. Master en tarot
10. Hombre hormiga
11. El bufón de Broadway
12. Hippie
13. Flasheando
14. Habitantes del parlante
15. La pipa del nómada
16. Tour fantástico

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MODULAR is an Argentine duo formed in 2000 by Mariana Badaracco and Pablo Dahy. The group is a strange bird in and of itself in the Buenos Aires scene - their affinity for analog synthesizers, the B-series and 60s science-fiction aesthetic, the pop and lounge, as well as their imaginary mix of melancholic psychedelia and spatial fantasy have made them stand out as unique in a scene accustomed to more rock-oriented and less sophisticated options.

Four demos released on CD-Rs via the web have generated a plethora of fans comparing them to STEREOLAB, OS MUTANTES, BROADCAST, John Barry, THE HIGH LLAMAS, URSULA 1000, Giorgio Moroder, George Gershwin and many more. Maybe the closest comparison is LAETITIA SADIER Tim Gane’s group, as both share a passion for analog, for bossanova harmonies, for circular melodies and the elegance of great orchestral arrangements.

From the sunny day surrounded by lalalas from 'Perdidos en el Espacio' like THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or BURT BACHARACH, to 'Picnic en al Arcoiris' on which Mariana is like a 21st century JACKIE DESHANNON.

The kaleidoscopic landscapes of 'Playa Biquini' timidly hide touches of ye-ye and remind us of LE MANS at their most pop. 'Ovni' at first it seems like TONI BENNET is going to take the mic, the touches of sitar on 'Master en Tarot' are surprising, as are the sampledelic playfulness of instrumental 'Revolución de Vegetales' and the precious 'Hombre Hormiga', or the circus-like tone of 'El Bufón de Broadway'. And we can’t forget about 'Flasheando', one of their best songs and possibly the song that most clearly reflects their THE BEACH BOYS inclinations.

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