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MARINE LIFE Fool Of A Kind (Limited edition magenta 7" vinyl w/free MP3 download)

£5.00 / Sold Out

Our NEW ADVENTURES IN POP collection gives a voice to artists who are relatively unknown.

1. Fool Of A Kind
2. Big Sur
3. Boy From B-612
4. For The Camera Shy

San Francisco band MARINE LIFE make colourful pop songs with influences from 60s sunshine pop to Northern Soul, full of deliciously rich harmonies and perfect arrangements. You’ll also hear the sounds of more recent acts like CAMERA OBSCURA, HOSPITALITY, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, SHE AND HIM, THE SCHOOL and ALPACA SPORTS.

This is their debut 7” single and is part of our NEW ADVENTURES IN POP collection which gives a voice to relatively unknown artists who we think are pretty special and need to be heard.


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