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LINDA GUILALA - Bucles Infinitos (CD)


01. Nadie Se Dará Cuenta
02. Bucles Infinitos
03. Protagonista Central
04. Sexta Dimensión
05. Nada Nos Va A importar
06. Te He Cambiado
07. Guerrillera Jardinera
08. Saber Perder
09. Torremolinos
10. Nada De Miedo
11. Ilusión
12. Mis Ideas Son

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Yeah, JUNIPER MOON were among the most capable composers of the punk-pop pills that have ever existed in Spanish lands, and they were critically acclaimed in the NME, by STEVE LAMACQ and ROUGH TRADE.

From the ashes of that unforgettable group rose LINDA GUILALA - their songs are just as addictive, maintaining that incredible freshness in the melodies, with the best of the pop tradition of bands from the Spanish new wave like ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES and LOS ZOMBIES, with the insolent energy of HELEN LOVE, and that passion for dense, captivating textures of groups like THE CHARLOTTES, LUSH or PALE SAINTS.

It is a perfect album - a demonstration of a way of understanding pop that few have managed to express at such a level. They know how to balance youthful energy, passion tending toward the most classic pop, the lightest techno-pop with that unavoidable touch of punk, and above all that hazy shine of the shoegaze atmosphere, which all together give way to an authentic treatise for lovers of the melodic genre above all else.

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