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LES TRÈS BIEN ENSEMBLE - Je Veux Être Un Symbol Sexuel (Limited 7" Vinyl EP)


1. Je Veux Être Un Symbol Sexuel
2. Les Succettes
3. La Fille La Plus Douce Du Monde
4. Je T'aime


We’ve always had a penchant for French pop. In our catalogue you can find delicious treats by bands like LIGHTHOUSE, LOONS or GYPSOPHILE... and more to come in the future. Besides, the stereo in our office can delight us in any time of the day with the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Michel Polnareff, France Gall plus more contemporary artists like Katerine or NOTRE-DAME.

And we’ve found a band from Barcelona that shares that devotion for “le pop français”. They are called LES TRÈS BIEN ENSEMBLE, and their name is taken from the lyrics of THE BEATLES’ “Michelle”: “Michelle, ma belle, sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble". Apart from the names quoted above, they are also highly influenced by sixties nouvelle vague film soundtracks, and Brazilian bossa nova.

This first-ever release of LES TRÈS BIEN ENSEMBLE includes two cover versions and two originals: the first are Gainsbourg’s wicked “Les Sucettes”, and Françoise Hardy’s “Je T’aime”; and the originals sound as gorgeous and inspired as the covers. Take the first song, “I Want To Be A Sex Symbol”, and you’ll see: Suzette’s vocals and Phillipe’s sixties guitars are utterly charming, and the song is sparkling and groovy: it could have been a smash hit in Eurovision contest if it has been composed decades ago.

“The sweetest girl in the world” is also a fantastic, top-drawer upbeat pop anthem that surrounds you with black and white images of teenage parties, miniskirts and pick-ups.

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