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LA CASA AZUL - La Revolución Sexual (Double 2xLP Reissue Elefant 25th Anniversary)


25th Elefant Records Anniversary Collection - double LP on transparent 12" vinyl.

As part of Elefant Records' 25th anniversary this reissue is one of 25 vinyl editions. This double vinyl features the original album, extras, covers of other groups, and songs in other languages with special collaborations. The vinyl is transparent with a different album cover and sleeve by Gregorio Soria, who designed the original album.

1. La Nueva Yma Sumac
2. La Revolución Sexual
3. Prefiero
4. El Momento Más Feliz
5. Mis Nostálgicas Manías
6. No Más Myolastan
7. La Gran Mentira
8. Chicos Malos
9. Una Cosa O Dos
10. Mucho Más De Lo Normal
11. Esta Noche Sólo Cantan Para Mí
12. Triple Salto Mortal
13. Un Mundo Mejor [Instrumental]
14. Die Sexuelle Revolution [Feat. Françoise Cactus
15. Love Is In The Air
16. Surf Up & Down
17. Sexual Revolution [Feat. Yeongene]
18. La Nueva Yma Sumac [Feat. The Aprils] - Japanese compilation
19. I Want You Back
20. Señora
21. Bad Guys [Feat. Duglas T. Stewart]
22. Sexual Revolution

There was definitely a before and after the album “La Revolución Sexual”. On an artistic level it makes a definite jump toward dance music using thousands of samples, but it still maintains its own identity, taking him beyond a specialised audience and turning him into a phenomenon.

Songs like “La Revolución Sexual”, “Esta Noche Sólo Cantan Para Mí”, “Chicos Malos” and “La Nueva Yma Sumac” were responsible for this, with 'La Revoluion Sexual' named as one of the favourite songs to represent Spain at Eurovision.

This is a key album in the history of the group and label, that will also include the songs released on sequel, “Lo Que Nos Dejó La Revolución” - full of covers, remixes, and collaborations.

The covers range from the impressive “Señora” by Joan Manuel Serrat to “I Want You Back” by the JACKSON FIVE, to John Paul John’s “Love Is In The Air” which became a classic in concerts as well as an authentic exaltation of love. The collaborations include Duglas T. Stewart (BMX BANDITS), THE APRILS from Japan, Yeongene, who is a pop icon in Korean, and STEREO TOTAL from Germany.

This is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on one of the most important albums in the history of pop in this country.

CD VERSION - to buy the original CD version of this album please visit: www.elefantuk.bigcartel.com/product/la-casa-azul-la-revolucion-sexual-digipak-cd