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LA CASA AZUL - La Revolución Sexual (CD)


01. La Nueva Yma Sumac
02. La Revolución Sexual
03. Prefiero No

04. El Momento Más Feliz
05. Mis Nostálgicas Manías
06. No Más Myolastan
07. La Gran Mentira
08. Chicos Malos
09. Una Cosa O Dos
10. Mucho Más De Lo Normal
11. Esta Noche Sólo Cantan Para Mí
12. Triple Salto Mortal
13. Un Mundo Mejor (Instrumental)

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At last we can hold and touch the long awaited 2nd album by LA CASA AZUL and reveal one of the best kept secrets of our times.

Musically the songs are based in the same patterns that turned them into world cult artists - melodic pop songs with catchy choruses that are easy to strum and singalong. High class pop music that shows itself as intentionally artificial, more made in Shibuya than ever. Maybe more complex but always keeping the timeless classic pop influence that describes the magical touch of the songs by LA CASA AZUL.

In the music by LA CASA AZUL live together without any problems 50s doo wop, 60s easy listening, bubblegum, 80s technopop, 70s disco and 90s shibuya-key and europop. References to such different bands like ELO, PILOT, Hugo Montenegro, PIZZICATO FIVE, Jean-Jacques Perrey, DENIM, Jacno, Enoch Light, Lio, Silvetti, The Jetset, Scoobydoo, or more contemporary names like APRILS, YMCK, PLUS TECH SQUEEZE BOX, CAPSULE, Andreas Dorau, STEREOTOTAL, HELEN LOVE, THE GO! TEAM, THE BRAN FLAKES, SCISSOR SISTERS, OPTIGANALLY YOURS..

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