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LA CASA AZUL - La Polinesia Meridional (CD)


01. Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista
02. ¿Qué Se Siente Al Ser Tan Joven?
03. La Fiesta Universal
04. Sucumbir
05. La Polinesia Meridional
06. Colisión Inminente (Red Lights, Red Lights)
07. Terry, Peter Y Yo
08. Una Mañana
09. Todas Tus Amigas
10. Europa Superstar
11. La Vida Tranquila
12. Sálvese Quien Pueda
13. La Niña Más Hermosa

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LA CASA AZUL is back with a huge collection of songs that will feed and light up the dancefloors of half the planet, as well as the hearts of the group’s thousands of fans and followers who are spread out over all 7 continents.

The album is an ode to escapism and melody - Guille Milkyway’s new songs give proof of a love equally divided between Phil Spector, Norman Harris, ELO, THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, PIZZICATO FIVE, the RAMONES and THE STYLE COUNCIL.

The album is a huge explosion of sounds and influences from so many different periods and styles, unprejudiced and exuberant in every way.

Though it might not seem like it, these last 4 years of Guille Milkyway’s have been the most productive and exciting - he worked on projects as a songwriter and producer, with a successful tour for 'La Revolución Sexual', he has received so much media attention and won international awards, his songs were played around the world…

Guille developed the “Jelly Sound” for Jelly Jamm where he wrote, produced and played more than 20 songs for the children’s program shown in 130 different countries. There have been so many projects in these last few years, from the soundtrack for the movie “Yo, también” which won him a Goya in 2010, to the hit theme songs for TV programs, radio programs and ad campaigns.

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