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HELEN LOVE - It's My Club (CD Single)


1. It's My Club (Radio Edit)
2. Boots On
3. Jennifer Hanley

Many months have passed ever since HELEN LOVE was signed onto Elefant Records and put out their first single on our label and the endless waiting for the arrival of new songs has been far too long for the group’s fans. We have anxiously awaited for this moment and are finally able to announce the release of the new single, a splendid and explosive appetizer of the imminent brand-new album, “It’s My Club and I will Play what I want to, “ the fifth album of their musical journey, which will be out at the beginning of 2008. Is there any better way to start out the new year?

“It’s My Club” (the new single and the tune which will open their full-length) is an absolute hit and a declaration of principles which perfectly define the spirit of HELEN LOVE; Bubblegum-indie-punk-rock-disco fast and catchy; a boundless night dancing under the stars until sunrise in a dreamy club with amazing dance floors, gigantic video screens (with the RAMONES live in 1976, of course), laser rays, strobe lights, multicolour light shows and the best pick of music, courtesy of our hostess Helen, just to enjoy the magnetism to the fullest on a great summer night in a special Club.

Two exclusive songs are also included on this special limited edition single; “Boots On” with a tribute of the classic late 70s song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by THE BUGGLES and “Jennifer Hanley” a rock star which every adolescent kid on the planet dreams of. In short, three excellent songs of pure punk-pop which demonstrate the exclusive and singular universe of HELEN LOVE, an authentic pop feast, a colourful world of eternal youth.

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