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HELEN LOVE - It's My Club And I'll Play What I Want To (CD album)


01. It’s My Club
02. Debbie Loves Joey
03. Dance On [Solid Gold]
04. You Better Learn Karate
05. The 1910 Fruitgum Company
06 . Transistor Radio [Radio]
07. Jet
08. First Boyfriend
09. Rodneys English Disco
10. Honolulu Superstar
11. Garageband
12. Queen Of The Discobeat
13. Staying In
14. A New Squad Attacking Formation
15. Junkshop Discotheque
16. Saturday ... Nite!!!!!

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I will never forget the interstellar high I got when I first bought and played 'Punk Boy' by HELEN LOVE, their 3rd single, on my record player. Although this was more than 10 years ago, it’s still my favourite. I finally discovered what it was like to not be alone in the world knowing that there were other people out there who understood punk who "got" THE RAMONES, who appreciated bubblegum the same way that I did and would never want it to cease to exist. Better yet, for the time being, it continues to exist. 20 singles and 4 LPs later, each and every HELEN LOVE album gives me another chance to experience this instant euphoria over and over because their albums still tend to be the best albums of the year.

HELEN LOVE, the underground group par excellence, have fascinated people all over the world from JOHN PEEL to JOEY RAMONE, who invited them to play in New York and sing on his album, working with ASH and EVERETT TRUE.

HELEN LOVE hit Elefant in 2006, fulfilling a dream come true for the indie label - with single 'Junkshop Discotheque', they gave us an appetiser for their 5th album 'It’s my club and I play what I want to'. With the blunt title reminiscent of LESLEY GORE's 'It’s my party' - there lies an even more aggressive content: punk, disco, bubblegum, surf, vocoders, skateboarders, autotune power, laser rays, manga, new wave, chunk chords, martial arts, timpanis, Joey Ramone and sassy choruses. What else are you looking for?

It’s HELEN LOVE with 16 bursts of gun-fire with extra sugar on top. It’s packed with non-stop hits, starting with the undeniable convictions of 'It’s my club'. Which one is my favourite? Do I really have to choose? Impossible.

Jam-packed with colourful pop icons and brilliant endless nostalgic memories of the history of pop - 60's bubblegum pop personified, the omnipresent Joey Ramone, a tribute to 'Jet' by WINGS. Although it sounds like such a cliché, I must say that the new HELEN LOVE album sounds just like HELEN LOVE - my album of the year.

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