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GIORGIO TUMA WITH LENA KARLSSON - Little Dusty (Limited edition white 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Little Dusty
02. Koko Tutu Mama

There are few opportunities to record with an artist whose music you grew up with - we made a dream come true for GIORGIO TUMA's – that wonderful Italian songwriter with his spacious symphonies full of echoes of Brazil and lounge - with this collaboration with LENA KARLSSON, the singer for the Swedish band KOMEDA on this delicious single.

His two sunny songs, with their brilliant wind instruments and warm majestic keyboards, blossom before his very eyes. Lena's sweet vocals create a unique and inimitable magical ambience, with Tuma's usual mix of Samba, Batucada, Soul and Rocksteady.

'Little Dusty' has a Jamaican touch that seems to be an imperative remake of 'Vacaciones en el Mar', crowned by Karlsson's solid melody.

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