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FOXES! - The Panda Bear Song (Limited edition brown 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. The Panda Bear Song
02. Alex Badamchi
03. Sailors
04. Boatswain

FOXES! are a quartet from Brighton formed by Kayla, Adam, Al and Matthew. With a hard-to-classify style, escaping all definitions but full of electricity and imagination, their youthful, fresh sound is a paragon of energy that is hard to come by nowadays.

'The Panda Bear Song' celebrates sharpened, unbridled guitars that reminds us of ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI, with doses of GIRLS AT OUR BEST, BEARSUIT, BIS, PAVEMENT and APPLES IN STEREO, in a song dedicated to Annika Rice.

'Alex Badamchi' heads off in a a poppier direction, passing through LAETITIA SADIER and STEREOLAB's hands, with a constantly broken, unpredictable structure. 'Sailors' brings us back to STEREOLAB but with an air of THE AISLERS SET and THE DELGADOS. In 'Botswana' we find ourselves once again with a song a little more than 3 minutes with a structure full of completely different parts, jumps and changes and a hypnotic and contagious rhythm.

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