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FITNESS FOREVER - Personal Train (CD)


01. Intro
02. Probabilmente
03. L'Anarchica Pugliese
04. Vacanze A Setiembre
05. Albertone
06. Se Come Te
07. Je Je Jeox
08. Quando Ho Tempo
09. Monica
10. Bacharach
11. Outro
12. D'Estate

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FITNESS FOREVER says their debut album is a homage to their country Italy, to the musical tradition that gave way to marvellous pop artists from the 60s to the 80s. It has that touch of magic that makes the melodies work, makes the arrangements surprising, and makes the whole album exciting - a titanic work that took over a year to record, hours and hours in the studio, trying out arrangements, instrumentation and melodies.

'Probabilmente' is one of the best songs on the album with majestic strings, precious guitar arrangement - CINERAMA see how good they could sound in Italian and BELLE & SEBASTIAN discover a new way of arranging their songs.

'L'Anarchica Pugliese' is a touch of indie-pop (early LE MANS?), a little scent of Brazil and we’ve got the first of one of the great personas with lyrics that are both ironic and appealing. 'Vacanze a Settembre' takes us to the September sun, 'Albertone' is an acoustic beauty, 'Se come te' has ABBA step onto the stage and Italian Disco begins to play.

'Je je jeox' is Brazil in its purest form, in 'Quando ho tempo' we return to Mina and Bacharach, 'Monica' has a scent of the 60s with a crystalline guitar and precious string arrangements.
'Bacharach' is a touch of ye-ye with wind arrangements that recall Bacharach in another of the sunniest and most energetic songs of the album.
In 'Outro' we go out the way we came in - precious strings backed up by synthesisers, but not without one last great song -
'D'estate' - this time it’s funk, with the fingerprint of Italy, that closes the album, and the song that most clearly recalls LA CASA AZUL.

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