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COOPER - Retrovisor (Limited 12" Vinyl LP Reissue w/MP3s OR CD Digipak)


*This product is set to vinyl postage, but if you order the CD we'll refund the difference in postage costs*

1. Cierra Los Ojos
2. Rabia
3. Cerca Del Sol
4. 747
5. Munich
6. Oxidado
7. A Oscuras
8. Yo Sé Lo Que Te Pasa
9. Silverstone
10. Lejos
11. Sin Respiración
12. Quiero Regresar
13. 747 video
14. Cerca Del Sol video
15. Cierra Los Ojos video

COOPER have been reunited in an album with other songs that have been appearing during 2003 and 2004 in different formats.

Twelve songs to be a past viewfinder, a complete retrospective. Besides, this album includes the video clips of the songs "747", "Cerca del sol" and "Cierra los ojos", as well as pictures and information about the band.

LISTEN, watch videos, download or get the lyrics:

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