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COLA JET SET - Guitarras Y Tambores (CD)


01. El Sueño De Mi Vida
02. Tonto Corazón
03. Guitarras Y Tambores
04. Subidubi
05. Chocolate Y Té
06. Durará
07. Ese Grupo Está Bien
08. En Esta Pista Ya No Se Puede Bailar
09. Nadie Nos Va A Poder Parar
10. Suena El Teléfono
11. Dulce Despertar
12. Prometiste Volver
13. Cola Jazz Vals

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'Guitarras y Tambores' the 2nd album from COLA JET SET and their first with Elefant Records - a disc of wide horizons - here we find ye-ye, 60s pop, disco, soul, indie and touches of psychedelic pop, all done with renewed intentions.

It’s clear that the love of 60s sounds runs through the whole album, that guitar somewhere between LOVIN’ SPOONFUL and THE BYRDS that Felipe has so finely-tuned over the years. It seems like COLA JET SET have found the necessary stability to definitively be one of the best Spanish pop bands.

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