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CAMERA OBSCURA - Underachievers Please Try Harder (Digipak CD)


01. Suspended from class
02. Keep it clean
03. A sisters social agony
04. Teenager
05. Before you cry
06. Your picture
07. Number one son
08. Let me go home
09. Books written for girls
10. Knee deep at the national pop league
11. Lunar sea

The labour expansion into the Spanish market was made little by little - the credentials used to introduce the band were their friendship with BELLE & SEBASTIAN, and those first singles started to be played on the radio, making way for Elefant's release of 'Biggest blues hi-fi'.

That collection of flavours (British pop, acoustic intimacy, backing vocals, string arrangements, 60s sounds, country moods) is present again in 'Underachievers please try harder' - again produced by Geoff Allan, that achieves to maintain a select and refined pulse in the album sound.

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