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CAMERA OBSCURA - Let's Get Out Of This Country (CD)


01. Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken
02. Tears for affairs
03. Come back Margaret
04. Dory Previn
05. The false contender
06. Let’s get out of this country
07. Country mile
08. If looks could kill
09. I need all the friends I can get
10. Razzle dazzle Rose

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Slowly but firmly, CAMERA OBSCURA have grown to become an important name in the international pop scene - we can only expect their progression to keep rising more and more.

'Let's get out of this country' is a collection of 10 perfect pop songs where the Glasgow band looks at classic pop through country and soul-tinted lenses, influenced by a wide variety of heroes from JIMMY WEBB to LLOYD COLE, from CONNIE FRANCIS to SKEETER DAVIS, from THE SUPREMES to DAVID LYNCH.

Jari Haapalainen (Ed Harcourt, THE CONCRETES, INTERNATIONAL (NOISE) CONSPIRACY) produced the album and the choice couldn't be more positive - besides the good job behind the desk, CAMERA OBSCURA were surrounded by a great team - some of the string musicians recently toured with BRIAN WILSON and ARTHUR LEE & LOVE, and among the contributors include Victoria Bergsman of THE CONCRETES, Brita Persson and members of Swedish pop bands such as THE TOURETTES, LAAKSO and SPEEDMARKET AVENUE.

'Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken' is a country soul track with a fantastic ending, 'Tears for affairs' is a ballad with organ and accordion, and 'Come back Margaret' has a delicious girl-band atmosphere.

On 'Dory Previn' they go back to country pop, whilst 'The false contender' is a romantic track with a waltz beat, and 'Let's get out of this country' goes back to the classic sunny pop.

'Country mile' has a cozy atmosphere that grows slowly with beautiful string arrangements, 'If looks could kill' is destined to be danced to death in the best clubs with an unbeatable Motown beat and PHIL SPECTOR atmosphere, and 'I need all the friends I can get' is a funny, careless soul song with a midtempo beat.

Finally on 'Razzle dazzle rose', Tracyanne sings from afar with a lot of echo as if she was waving goodbye to us and this timeless album, delicately orchestrated, with which we're sure CAMERA OBSCURA will confirm the importance of their song legacy. These are songs that last forever, that will go with you forever.