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BMX BANDITS - BMX Bandits In Space (CD)


01. In Space
02. Still (With Plectrum)
03. Beautiful Friend
04. Look At You, Look At Me (With Cineplexx)
05. Like The Morning Sun
06. Listen To Some Music
07. Elegant Love (With Cineplexx)
08. And It's You
09. You Disappointed Me
10. Fucked Up This Time
11. Fireworks
12. All Around The World
13. And While We’re Dancing
14. The Unforgiven
15. In Space (End Theme)

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The 16th release from Duglas T Stewart’s group BMX BANDITS comes surrounded by lots of big news - it includes 2 original members - Jim McCulloch and Sean Dickson (THE SOUP DRAGONS) who wrote the album’s opening and closing tracks, along with NORMAN BLAKE (TEENAGE FANCLUB), who plays several instruments and co-produces 'Still'.

'BMX Bandits in Space' tells the story of a man travelling through time and space in search of forgiveness and a way back home. 'Still' tells us about the vehicle that will take us through the story, 'The Protagonist' remembers how his friends used to tell him that everything was going to be alright, but now he’s not so sure.

'Beautiful Friend' begins with Northern Soul only to wrap up with a touch of synthesisers, 'Look at You, Look at Me' is a collaboration with Argentina’s CINEPLEXX, and 'Like the Morning Sun' has a 60s pop delicacy with echoes of lounge and soul.

'Listen to Some Music' reminds us of music’s ability to comfort us with the perfect pop song, 'Elegant Love' reinterprets 'Elegant Lines' with synth-pop to create a solid, wonderful song that gives a new style-counterpoint, 'And It’s You' tells a story of love that has ended but has left so many wonderful and unforgettable moments.

'You Disappointed Me' has our astronaut, the same as in 'Fucked Up', remembering friendships that have failed because of distrust and betrayals, but 'Fireworks' gets its optimistic tone back, with 50s melodies and arrangements, as if PERRY COMO were sailing around the deserted island where THE SHIRELLES were stranded.

'All Around The World' is the essence of the album, starting with that wonderful line, "I believe in beauty, and where ever it leads me, that’s where I’ll go" - as if ABBA and THE BEATLES let BACHARACH direct them. Finally, 'The Unforgiven' is another piece with great theatrical power between HENRY MANCINI and F.M. CORNDOG, telling the story of how "an angel baths our hero in the light of love and forgiveness, bringing his journey to a sudden close, and he finds himself in green, hilly pastures, on his way back home, where love is probably waiting for him to bring him back to life".

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