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BELLE GHOUL - Rabbit's Moon & Doomsday (Limited white 10" mini-LP/MP3s)


01. Lakes Of Fire
02. Timepieces
03. Momentum
04. Winter's Gone
05. Around For The Weekend
06. Mystery To Me

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BELLE GHOUL, the group formed by Christopher Tait of ELECTRIC SIX and Jesse Paris Smith, daughter of PATTI SMITH and the late Fred 'Sonic' Smith of MC5, Matt Van, Zach Shipps and Mike Alonso, find themselves in a creative prolific stage which is confirmed by their new 10" mini-LP opening up new doors within their sound.

Jumping between styles playing with synthesisers and folk echoes, getting deeper into instrumental development, while getting stronger with immediate hits, dipping into a mix of rock and electronic that characterises Tait's other band.

'Rabbit's Moon & Doomsday' shifts between groove and danceable rock with bursts of pop, like 'Lake Of Fires' with 70s boosts from the hammond, highly influenced by the 'Twin Peaks' soundtrack. 'Timepieces' is a solid handful of BEATLES-esque classicism with touches of psych-pop and Californian choruses, and a DEAN WAREHAM-style solo.

'Momentum' closes side A as an instrumental moving from sober piano and echoes of glam to the digital playfulness. 'Winter's Gone' opens side B with evocative electronic pop dressed up with accordions, while heavy-hearted melodies sweep through to narrate an endless winter of almost 5 months.

'Around For The Weekend' gets back on the path to solid hits with a totally addictive keyboard riff, sunshine pop-influenced melodies, and rhythms that move to the beat of Northern Soul. 'Mystery To Me' closes this limited edition mini-album with mysterious halos and wailing choruses, rising more than a few feet off the ground.

This is definitely new proof of what a group, who is more difficult to classify and define, is capable of. Their music holds so many surprises with every new release, may they continue with the same rhythm - three singles and a mini-LP in just over a year!

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