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AXOLOTES MEXICANOS - Infectados (Limited edition green 7" vinyl + free MP3 download)


01. Infectados
02. Sube La Canción
03. Pandachila
04. Aborto

If there is a contemporary group with the image of insulting, impertinent rebelliousness together with the most irreverent youthfulness, that group is definitely AXOLOTES MEXICANOS!

With an average age of 19, this Asturian trio goes from crazy punk to the most playful electro-pop- they're the protégées of Iván Juniper and Eva Guilala, and this is their first official release after appearing on our Christmas compilation!

'Infectados' is HELEN LOVE's dancing pogo, with an aftertaste of JUNIPER MOON’s best songs all wrapped up that references one of their favourite passions - zombies!

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