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AU REVOIR SIMONE - Summer Lines (Limited 7" Vinyl)


1. Summer Lines
2. Haunted House


Of all the groups launched in the past five years, without a doubt, AU REVOIR SIMONE is one of the most refreshing and succulent bands for true pure pop lovers. Restoring once again the spirit of our Singles Club (Club de Single), along with our idea of releasing exclusive singles of our favourite artists, we contacted the Brooklyn trio and enticed them with what you have in your hands, a delicious special edition seven inch vinyl in red, with an exquisite photo on the cover (courtesy of Anna Di Prospero, our favourite Italian photographer) which perfectly depicts the feminine universe of AU REVOIR SIMONE.

Their influences include MODEST MOUSE, STEREOLAB, PAVEMENT, THE BEACH BOYS, Björk, BROADCAST, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, GUTHER, LALI PUNA and MS. JOHN SODA. In the autumn of 2003, they formed a group with just keyboards and antique synthesizers. Two delicious albums, various singles and a recent release of a compilation of covers and remixes are their legacy to date. This legacy has sparked passions around the world and has allowed them to tour half the globe, as well. A few of their songs have been included in the famous television series, “Grey’s Anatomy” and have been special guests of David Lynch at the signing of his book, “Catching the Big Fish”.

Similar to their music, they are adorable, dreamy, simple and delicate, and this is why many people compare them to the sisters in “The Virgin Suicides”, the first film of Sofia Coppola and NME has described them as the missing link between LADYTRON and CAMERA OBSCURA. They are all of this and more! The new single is a small gift from heaven and “Summer Lines” is as delightful as a summer afternoon on the beach, a melancholic, sad and cold tune, yet sweet and angelic at the same time.

“Haunted House” is a glorious instrumental which takes us to the decade of the seventies when the explosion of techno-pop inundated the shelves in music stores and instrumental songs were a huge part of the first albums of OMD, KRAFTWERK, RHEINGOLD, EL AVIADOR DRO and THE HUMAN LEAGUE, authentic futuristic harmonies of outer space entities.

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