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ATTIC LIGHTS - Reworked by La Casa Azul' (Clear 7" Vinyl/MP3s)


1. Future Bound (reworked by La Casa Azul)
2. War Years (reworked by La Casa Azul)


Elefant Records, in its constant search for new ideas and projects, is beginning a new collection of singles called the 'Reworked By' series. Elefant bands will play with and remix each others' songs, creating an explosive mix that has already seen some really exciting cocktails. The singles will be released on limited edition 500 copies transparent 7" vinyl with free MP3s.

Scottish band ATTIC LIGHTS and Spanish act LA CASA AZUL work together on this next release - Kevin Sherry has always declared him self a fan of Guille Milkyway, an vice versa. The result is two songs that will murder the dancefloor with the unmistakable mark of La Casa Azul, full of 70s disco spirit and a mix of elegance and style from ATTIC LIGHTS' melodies.

'Future Bound' is full of vocoders and summery aromas, holding the melancholy of the tune while also giving it a lightness - a sad song to dance to, nostalgic while full of hope and vitality.

'War Years' is a new ATTIC LIGHTS song, a disco funk hit, with Guille once again bringing an already great chorus to life until it overflows with energy - an anthem in favour of sexual freedom and tolerance.

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