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ALPACA SPORTS - When You Need Me The Most (Blue 10" Vinyl with MP3s / CD)


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1. Just Like Them
2. Need Me The Most
3. There's No One Like You
4. I Love You
5. Where'd You Go
6. When I Hold You

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Since they started in 2011 their indie pop has reached fans all over the world, releasing a serious of singles, their debut album, and playing festivals like New York and Madrid Popfests, Indietracks and Wales Goes Pop!.

The six songs display their immediacy, contagious choruses, and a love for bands like THE SMITHS, BELLE & SEBASTIAN and ANOTHER SUNNY DAY.

It is an 'international' album - Andreas Jonsson, Amanda Åkerman and Carl Jirestedt from Sweden are joined by Lisle Mitnik in Chicago (TINY FIREFLIES, VERY TRULY YOURS, EDINE AVEC LISLE MITNIK ET SON ORCHESTRE) on guitar, organ and strings. Drums, bass and trumpet were recorded in New York by Gary Olson (LADYBUG TRANSISTOR), and musicians Julia Rydholm (THE ESSEX GREEN, THE LADYBUG TRANSISTOR) and Hampus Öhman-Frölund (percussion for JENS LEKMAN, TAKEN BY TREES) were added later.

The album was ultimately recorded and produced by Ian Catt (TREMBLING BLUE STARS, SHAMPOO, SAINT ETIENNE) in London, the cover art is straight from Japan by Ray Kimura. The first two videos from this release were recorded in their native Gothenburg and Paris, and of course their label Elefant is based in Spain!

'Just Like Them' is a lively start with instantaneous melodies, baout the disappointment when someone special changes and becomes just like everyone else. 'Need Me the Most' is a mid-tempo song somewhere between THE PALE FOUNTAINS and THE GO-BETWEENS.

'There's No One Like You' is a key moment of soul pop on this album, and 'I Love You' reminds us of the best THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART songs with a chorus that goes direct to the heart.

'Where'd You Go?' leans towards the 60s sound that THE SCHOOL and CAMERA OBSCURA cultivate 'When I Hold You is a slow, delicate song along the lines of early SARAH RECORDS releases.

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