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ELEFANT UK is the newest member of the Elefant Records family.

Our mail order shop aims to make things a bit cheaper for Elefant fans in the UK. Tell us what you'd like us to get in from the catalogue! 

ELEFANT BANDS: The Primitives, Helen Love, The School, The Yearning, The Magic Theatre, Wild Balbina, BMX Bandits, Attic Lights - as well as La Casa Azul, Papa Topo, Alpaca Sports, Los Bonsáis, Lia Pamina, Band A Part, Cola Jet Set, Fitness Forever, Single, Linda Guilala, My Little Airport, Cristina Quesada, The Carrots, Nick Garrie, Los Flechazos, Belle Ghoul, Speedmarket Avenue, La Bien Querida, Astrud, Trembling Blue Stars, The Attic Lights, Axolotes Mexicanos, The Perfect Kiss, The Silver Factory, Camera Obscura, Os Peregrinos, Sagrado Corazon De Jesus, Soft Regime, Modular, Juniper Moon, Lightning In A Twilight Hour, Zipper, Neleonard, Niza, San Francisco, Giorgio Tuma, IKO Cherie, Die Katapult, Family, Cooper, The Catenary Wires, Marine Life & many many more! 

You can find out about every Elefant band, photos, biographies, discographies, archives and stream/buy tracks on the main Elefant Records website: www.elefant.com/en/bands

DIGITAL - you can find on www.elefantrecords.bandcamp.com or iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon etc.